Stainless Development Builds

We're making development builds available here to satisfy a popular request from our more adventurous users. Please let us know if you find any regressions or new bugs (though do keep in mind that new features may only be partially implemented).

version 0.7.5w21
version 0.7.5w20
version 0.7.5w19
version 0.7.5w18
version 0.7w17
version 0.7w16
version 0.6.5w15
version 0.6.5w14r2
version 0.6.5w14
version 0.6.5w13
version 0.6.5w12
version 0.6w11
version 0.6w10
version 0.6w9
version 0.6w8
version 0.6w7
version 0.5.5w6
version 0.5.5w5
version 0.5.5w4
version 0.5.4w3r2
version 0.5.3w2
version 0.5.3w1